Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Geek Links – July 2014 Edition

  1. cat_button-1-300x298Join The CAT team at ACS Technologies! – If you are involved in church and the management of the church… please read. We are looking for Customer Advisory Team members.
  2. Top 10 Useful windows programs – several good ones
  3. – My to-do list / task management software of choice! iPhone app is awesome! Yes… I love it so much that I actually pay for the non-free account (mainly because I love it and also the sub tasks). Check it out!
  4. Continuous delivery software development – great read on the idea and it’s benefits.
  5. Multiple Chrome Profiles – If you are like me, you have multiple Google accounts with email addresses, drive folders, calendars, etc. This is a way to launch Chrome as them separately. HUGE time saver!!!!
  6. Jobs charted by state & salary – interesting… very interesting….
  7. 80+ FREE eBooks from Microsoft – Good stuff too.. Visual Studio, windows phone development, Office, etc…
  8. hehehehehe – Read if you work in an office with other people
  9. Your doing it wrong – interesting read
  10. How has Facebook changed over the years? – On Facebook… Friend me!

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