Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hot Geek Links – May 2014 Edition

  1. hipchatIntroducing sp_BlitzCache – Brent Ozar and team are awesome and a must follow if you do anything with Microsoft SQL Server! Helps spot those slow queries… assuming you have them.
  2. FREE IS FOR ME! – Looking for a tool to help teams, church staffs, or other groups communicate and collaborate. HipChat may be your solution… and it is FREE now! Seriously, this could be a great tool for church staff and volunteers! Chris Craft, are you proud I am recommending HipChat (inside joke)
  3. Size does Matter! If you design database tables in SQL Server, please take the time to read this. I think this is an overlooked principle of planning the size of rows and how it affects performance. Thomas also shared a script to find how your rows stack up (reminder from his blog post: “Do not run code you find on the internet in your production environment without testing it first”)
  4. How to pull an effective all-nighter! I sure am glad we never have to do all-nighters in the IT field! (could you read the sarcasm?)
  5. BuzzSumo? Marketing peeps take note. Nice way to see topics related to your business and what content is shared on social media, this may be a good place to start! Thanks LikeHacker!
  6. 10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win! Why do things like this interest me…
  7. eBay was hacked! PLEASE change your password if you have not in since May 21st, 2014. Read more here!
  8. Wanna learn Puppet? Docker?
  9. Speaking of Brent Ozar and team… Another great article on SQL Connections and how to tell if the amount of connections are slowing down your SQL server. Thanks Nesbit!
  10. Great way to compare technologies with other similar technologies! VERY handy and should be book marked!

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