Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hot Geek Links - April 2014 Edition

  1. BobaFettMain2Spotify Engineering Culture… if you are in the software business, it is a must watch! Well worth the 13 minutes!
  2. Backup SQL Transaction logs every minute!?!?!?!?! Say Wha????
  3. Does your DBA hate you Mr Developer? Here are a few tips to make them love you! I see number 1 & 4 WAY to much!!!
  4. More than one Boba Fett? Really?
  5. Check out Tim Chapman's session from SQL PASS last year on SQL Server Index Internals: A Deep Dive!
  6. What the heck do all those SQL waits mean??? Great post by Pinal Dave! He has 28 day guide worth of posts to make you an expert… ok… maybe not… but is a great place to start!
  7. AVOID using NOLOCK on SQL Server. Had never really given it a thought to use it… but Aaron does a great job explaining the why behind not using it.
  8. Why worry about those CXPACKET, WRITELOG, and PAGELATCH_SH SQL Server waits? Thank you Mr. Randal for helping clarify!
  9. Top 5 SQL Server features you are not using… and why! Courtesy of Mr. Larock
  10. Learn basic Linux commands… Or at least have a sheet to look at with basic Linux commands on it. Thanks LifeHacker

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