Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thanks Again!

starbucks What a great start to the day! I know all you Starbucks "fan boys" (and girls) started drooling when you noticed the picture in this post. It taste awesome by the way. I love White Chocolate Mocha coffees, ESPECIALLY in venti size! But in reality, that is not the reason for my excitement.

There was a yellow sticky note in front of the cup of coffee.
Thanks again! -K
Wow! The power of a thank you!

I consider the person that wrote this little note a great leader in our organization. They didn't have to do this, nor did I expect it for me helping their team yesterday. But what an impact it made on me!

As a leader we should always look for ways to say thank you to those around us. I am sure I don't tell people enough.

What a great example to set for other leaders in our company, church leadership, or even in our everyday lives!

So... I want to tell that great leader that left the sticky note...

Thank you "K" for that great piece of encouragement! and the coffee too!

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