Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Top 10 Quotes from the Week - Bill Curtis Edition

  1. Pastor_Bill Be a conduit of God's grace.
  2. We must make our decisions with integrity, because God knows our motives. Truth and time will reveal our motives to others.
  3. Healthy things grow and healthy things reproduce!
  4. Fear is a barrier in your life. It stands in the way of the Faith of His Promises!
  5. Love people warts and all... And give people a break!
  6. Let's have faith that God can do what He says He is going to do!
  7. Prayer isn't given to us to change the mind of God. Prayer is given to us to express total dependence on God!
  8. We must put forgiveness in overdrive!
  9. People will believe the gospel when they see me living in a way that reflects His truth
  10. If we respond to our suffering in faith, we become a catalyst of grace for others.
Bill is the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church where I am a member. If you have your own favorite quotes of Pastor Bill Curtis, please leave them in a comment on this blog post. I would love to read them!

I would also encourage you to visit his blog and follow him on twitter!

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HR_Guy22 said...

"Passion is the ingredient in every day that turns drudgery into dreaming, turns obligation into opportunity, and turns the seemingly inconsequential into something of life-altering importance."
- Bill Curtis