Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Would a Great Leader Do?

question I was listening to an Andy Stanley's Leadership Podcast (which everyone wanting to grow in their leadership should be) the other day when Andy said something that I have not been able to shake.

He said when he was a young leader, he would find himself in tough places with tough decisions to be made. I can so relate! I am in a place in my life where I have never been before. I am the Manager of Information Technology Infrastructure for the largest faith based software company in the world.

That comes with a good bit of responsibilities, some tough calls, and a great deal of "what should I do's."

I think this is why what Andy said during that podcast was so profound. He said in those situations he would ask himself "What would a great leader do in this situation?"

What a great way to look at things. I know I have leaders I look up to and I can probably answer that question for those leaders. I have begun this process of asking myself the question... "What would Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, or John Maxwell do?" I have several other great leaders I look up to but you get the idea.

This has been a huge help over the past month. Hope it will help you as well! Thanks Andy!

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