Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let me see ya Wobble!

family-force-5 If you know me, I am a huge rock music fan. Big Hair... Classic... Alternative... or modern... Doesn't matter... Rock is in my blood! Bands ranging from AC/DC to Motley Crue to Poison to Guns n' Roses to Nirvana to 3 Doors Down to Seether to Shinedown to Evanescence. Love it all!

So what I am about to say may shock some... I absolutely love the band Family Force 5! These guys from Atlanta just make me smile and enjoy my day more!

With names like Soul Glow Activatur, Crouton, Fatty, Nadaddy, and Chap Stique... How can you not love them!

If you want good uplifting music from some great guys that will make you smile...

So turn your speakers up and Let me see ya Wobble...

Following their youtube channel for on the road updates is a must too! If you are on Twitter, the links on their names above at to their twitter accounts.

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